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DrKonqi Developer Notifications

Thursday, 7 September 2023

For a while now DrKonqi has a special developer notification system when used in combination with coredumpd. I just realized I never told anyone about it 😅 though.

It’s terribly simple: When used with coredumpd, parts of DrKonqi implicitly look at all crashes that pertain to your current user. Because of that it can also notify on all crashes, not just the KDE-related ones. Obviously it can’t report bugs or anything but sometimes, as a developer, it’s nice to know when things explode.


This is a purely opt-in feature and shouldn’t be enabled unless you know your way around the debugger GDB or really want to know about all the crashes.

To enable the feature simply add KDE_COREDUMP_NOTIFY=1 to your environment. For example using an environment.d file:

mkdir -p ~/.config/environment.d/
echo 'KDE_COREDUMP_NOTIFY=1' >> ~/.config/environment.d/50-$USER.conf